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Fleece Lined Nylon Collar - 2 inch - 4-Plys
Fleece Lined Nylon Collar - 2 inch - 4-Plys     
Fleece Lined Nylon Collar - 2 inch - 4-Plys
SKU: Flecced NC-2-4


Price: $21.00

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These Fleece Collars are 2" wide and 4-ply (layers) thick.These Pit Bull tough collars are made with premium webbing, 3-layers of fleece, heavy duty welded buckles and d-rings. These heavy duty Pit Bull Tough Collars protect the necks of your dogs by cushioning impact or rubbing while on the chain. We recommend this collar for med and large size Pit Bulls. For correct collar size, measure around your dogs neck and give us the exact measurement. please do not add extra to this measurement as we always give extra room on all collars.Give Breed and weight if you can't give neck size. These collars have a 2 year warrantee Limited to the replacement of the collar. Fleece Lined Nylon Collars come in 4 colors: Black, Red, Blue and Brown If no color is given orders will be filled with available colors in stock. Fleece Lined Nylon Collars are Pit Bull tested and approved (ON THE CHAIN).

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Fleece Lined Nylon Collar - 2 inch - 4-Plys Fleece Lined Nylon Collar - 2 inch - 4-Plys Fleece Lined Nylon Collar - 2 inch - 4-Plys

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Product reviews
Author: Sallie Sallie     Date added: 02/20/2010, 05:47 AM     *****
  Best collar I've ever purchased

Author: Angel     Date added: 04/21/2014, 10:16 PM     *****
  The fleeced nylon collars are very high quality, strong and durable.

Author: tampa     Date added: 06/21/2015, 06:33 PM     *****
  Best Collar s on the market !

Author: Anonymous     Date added: 10/07/2016, 10:55 AM     *****
  best collar ever bought ive had them going on 5 years now and thier still going strong

Author: Michael Scott     Date added: 12/28/2016, 07:18 AM     *****
  Great collars all you can say. Got one at a vsba show in 07-08 for my oldest daughters first dog. She still packing that same collar today. She is a inside dog but spends a lot of time out with us. At one time i had north of 20 dogs on chains with these collars. Never had any problems out of it. Keep it clean and your good. Got out of dogs couple yrs back, got the chance to get some of my stuff back. So as soon as my two pups are ready I'll be ordering more. Keep it up, glad to see you guys are still up and going.

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